The Easy Way To Troubleshoot Errors In Word 2007 Files


This user guide will help you if you are saving a Word 2007 file.

  1. Visit the Microsoft Update Catalog website.
  2. Find the update by the KB number of the update you need.
  3. Click the Download button for the 64-bit or 32-bit version of the update.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with a direct download link. Click on it to download the file.



I also run into this problem from time to time and it is very frustrating. This has happened to me several times over the last year with Word 2010 and always with documents that have tracked changes. Typically I work on a document I have been working for a while (say weeks). I’ll leave my computer on for a while – enough time to register it automatically – which might be important, then I’ll go back and make additional changes and find it doesn’t register. Instead, it simply says “A. A file error has occurred.

word 2007 file error has occurred save

The above answer is not a real solution.

  • Disabling change tracking prevents me from saving the document.
  • Tracking changes is an important part of a document. Therefore, removing these changes is not a solution.
  • Closing and opening Word in safe mode is also not possible because any unsaved changes will be lost.

I tried to save with a different filename but that doesn’t work either.

The only solution that helped mnot in the past, the following:

  1. Create a new document based on the same template, which should not be saved.
  2. Disable making changes to new and damaged documents.
  3. Copy and paste the entire contents of the damaged document into a new one.
  4. Activate changes in a new document
  5. Save the new document with a new name.

… but at this point I got Word crashing when trying to save a new document in step 5. In this case, Compatibility Mode was turned off for the corrupted file and turned on for the new file, when I tried to save it the first time, click Cancel and turn off compatibility mode. then tried to save – then Word crashed.

After the crash, I reopened the autosaved corrupted version of the document that was still corrupted, repeated the process for a new document with compatibility mode disabled from the beginning, and now I’m in a “File error occured” situation that occurs when i try to save and new document. So the distortion appears to have been copied .

I suspected this was an error related to editing tables (for example, deleting a column or cells – displaying the message “This change will not be marked as a change”) in documents that are tracked for changes.

Did anyone change other pictures when this happened to you?

It looks like I was able to confirm this suspicion, as I was able to save only one copy of the document without errors by following the above procedure, except that I copied everythingexcept for the table I just edited, including deleting a row.

So, in a nutshell, Microsoft needs to investigate: An issue related to changing a table (and in particular its structure) for documents with change tracking enabled, possibly related to autosave.

Hope this helps Microsoft and others to solve the same problem.

Possible Causes Of “A File Error Has Occurred”

While we cannot determine the exact cause of the Word problem, the following possible causes may help us find a solution.

  • Word document is protectedpassword.
  • The Word file is available on a network server and opens simultaneously on two different computers.
  • Users have enabled the “Always create backup” option.
  • The Word document is damaged.

How To Fix “A File Error Has Occurred”

The above Word file error occurs most often when saving a Word document. The best way to fix this Word file error is to create a new Word file and copy all data from the old Word file to this new one. Then you need to save this new Word file with a new name. Make sure there are no spaces in the file name. Additionally, to resolve this Word file error, you need to make sure of the following:

  • When editing a Word file, the Always Back Up option must be disabled. After completing the editing process, you can activate this option.
  • If the Word document is available on the public network, we recommend that you save a copy of this file elsewhere on your hard drive before making any changes.

But remember, this is a temporary solution. If you are looking for permanent fixTry it:

First you need to show hidden files and folders

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization.
  • Select Folder Options and click Browse.
  • Under Advanced Settings, select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives and click OK. Now delete files that have “normal” in their name
  • First open Windows Explorer and find the following path. C: Documents and Settings Administrator Application Data Microsoft Templates
  • In the templates folder, look for files whose names contain a “normal” character, such as B. ~ $ Delete all these files. However, make sure you haven’t deleted the temp folder anyway.
  • Professional Word Recovery Tool

    If the Word file error “A file error has occurred” persists, it means that the file is damaged and you need to fix it. In such a situation, there are two ways to fix Word files, either with manual solutions or with a professional recovery solution. In general, a third-party Word recovery tool is consideredthe best way to recover Word files.

    The Word Repair Tool that comes with the SysInfoTools software can help you recover corrupted Word files for any reason. It supports DOC and DOCX files created by all versions of Microsoft Word, including the latest version 2016. The program can scan corrupted Word file and recover as much data from it as possible. All recovered data will be saved in a new Word file, which you can easily open in Microsoft Word.



    How do I fix permissions in Word 2007?

    How to fix file permission error in Word 2007 file:
    1. Download Yodot DOC Repair utility to your Windows system.
    2. Then install it and run it according to the given instructions.
    3. On the main screen, locate the corrupted Word 2007 file that you want to repair and click the Repair button.

    How do I get rid of permission error in Word?

    To use this option, open your Word application, go to “File” on the menu bar and select “Open Document”. Then select the file that displays the file permission error and click the drop-down button next to the Open button in the window. Now select the “Open and Repair” option. This will fix some problems with Word documents.

    Can’t save Word document a file error has occurred?

    Various Ways to Fix Word File Error

    This is mainly a permissions issue. The best way to solve this problem is to create a new Word file and then copy all the data from the old Word file to this new file. When saving a new file, make sure the file name does not contain spaces.