How To Fix Comdlg Easy Runtime Error 339


In the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known issue with comdlg runtime error 339. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below. You need to repair a damaged file that interferes with the correct operation of the program. The error message still contains the file name that needs to be corrected, for example: Runtime Error 339: COMDLg32 Component. ocx is not registered correctly, or the file is missing.




Problem: how to fix runtime error 339

Hello. I need help. I was getting a runtime error multiple times. The warning reads: “Runtime Error 339: COMDLg32.ocx component not correctly registered or file is missing.” I tried to solve this problem but nothing worked. Can you help me solve the problem?

Answer solved

Runtime Error 339 is a common Windows operating system error that can also be defined as a missing file error if the OCX or DLL file required to run the application is missing or missing. saved on the PC. These files were lost when installing the application, but the pop-up window itself will appear if the system is not found when the program starts. Therefore, you need to repair the damaged file and restore the root directory of the problem.

This runtime error can occur for various reasons depending on the user and system. [1] However, this is often the result of corrupt or missing .ocx files. These are legal files that can be found on the Windows operating system.

On average, the system contains about 10,000 OCX files. [2] These files are important parts of the program that are needed to perform various functions or to maintain the stability of the program. If you see runtime error 339, some of these files are corrupted, deleted, or missing. In some cases, this error occurs due to problems with the DLL files of a particular program. For example, these files can be deleted or damaged. Moreover, the error can also be related to various Windows registry problems. Fortunately, it is usually not difficult to fix runtime error 339. You need to repair a corrupted file that is preventing the program from working properly.

The error message always contains the name of the file that needs to be restored, for example:

Runtime Error 339: The COMDLg32.ocx component was not registered correctly or the file is missing.

In this case, the problem is with the COMDLg32.ocx file. Sometimes this mistakeThe back is caused by an incorrectly installed program. As mentioned earlier, this warning message can appear while programs are running. Even if the installation of the application was successful, this error can still occur. If the program did not install correctly, uninstalling and reinstalling the program is usually sufficient to resolve runtime error 339.

Causes Of Runtime Error 339

  • Corrupted .OCX files.
  • The program is not installed correctly
  • The DLL files of the program may be damaged / damaged or deleted.
  • Malware / virus infection
  • Problem with Windows registry

How to fix runtime error 339

Missing or damaged .OCX file is the root cause

Runtime error 339

. On an average system, there are almost 10,000 ocx files, so it is difficult to tell which file is causing the problem. However, the good news is that if you get an error, you will see the name of the file that caused the error.

Example: Runtime Error 339 CompThe “MSMASK32.OCK” entry or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

At the very least, it will give you an idea of ​​which file is causing this error and you can only focus on that file. Here are some solutions to get rid of runtime error 339:

1) Reinstall the program: If you recently installed the program and it caused this error, uninstall and reinstall the program. The program can cause errors if it is not installed correctly.

You will receive a success message for DllRegisterServer in comdlg32.ocx. This means that you have successfully re-registered your .ocx file. (You can replace the above file name with whatever is causing the error.) Re-registering the TABCTL32.ocx, ssa3d30.ocx, COMCTL32.ocx, RICHTX32.ocx, and comct232.ocx files will resolve the issue. fixed for many users. p>
runtime error 339 comdlg

regsvr32 Windows System32 msflxgrd.ocx / u and press Enter.

After running the above command, enter the following command:

regsvr32 Windows System32 msflxgrd.ocx and press Enter.

Now exit the command line and check ifis there an error message.

(Note: Replace msflxgrd.ocx with whatever .ocx file name is causing you errors.)

In many cases, one of the best solutions to this problem is to simply download a new copy of the missing or damaged OCX file and replace it with the old one that is on your system.

This simple trick works really well. Just go to Google, enter the missing .ocx filename and upload it. I’m pretty sure following the steps above will definitely fix the runtime error 339 issue on Windows.

“/ img s. Error 339.PNG “> 2) Save the .ocx file again:

For example, if you receive a Runtime Error ‘339’ message from the COMDLg32.ocx component or one of its dependencies that were not correctly saved: the file is missing or invalid. “Then you need to re-register the COMDLg32.ocx file using the command line as follows:

  • Go to Command Prompt> Run as Administratorrator and enter the following command: regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx

3) Fix using command line:

If the error persists after trying the above methods, right click on command prompt and select n Run as administrator. Then try running the following commands one after the other from the command line:

Enter this command exactly:

Solution 1: Save The File Again

If the comdlg32.ocx file is missing or damaged on your computer, the best way to do this is to download the working file and register again from the command line. This is a simple sequence of steps, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully when working with system files. Find out below!

  1. Click this link to download the working comdlg32.ocx file to your computer. When you click on the link, the download starts immediately. Find the file on your computer, right-click it and select “Copy” from the context menu that appears.
< figcaption> Copy the file
  1. Then open the “Libraries” entry on the problem PC, or open any folder on the computer and click “This PC” in the left menu.
  2. Go to the following location on your computer to find the folder where you want to copy the file:
 C:  Windows  System32 >> Windows 32-bitC:  Windows  SysWOW64 >> Windows 64-bit 
  1. Right-click anywhere in the folder and choose Paste from the shortcut menu that appears. To do this, you may need to grant administrator rights. Confirm any requests to replace the current file.
InsertPut the file in the desired folder
  1. Search for “Command Prompt” by typing it directly into the Start menu or by pressing the search key next to it. Right-click the first entry that appears in the search and select the entry from the “Run as administrator” context menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Windows logo and R keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog box. Enter “cmd” in the dialog box that appears and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift Enter to prompt an administrator.


    How do I fix a runtime error?

    How to fix a runtime error
    1. Restart your computer. An old but good system reboot can often fix problems, and runtime errors are no exception.
    2. Close other applications.
    3. Run the application in safe mode.
    4. Update the program.
    5. Reinstall the app.
    6. Update your drivers.
    7. Check for malware.
    8. Make sure you have enough memory and storage space.

    How do I fix an OCX missing error?

    The best way to restore an application is to restore the application itself.

    caused ocx error during reinstallation.

    1. Find out which software is giving errors.
    2. Reinstall the software and install any available updates.
    3. Install all available Windows updates.
    4. Check if the OCX issue is resolved.

    How do I fix Msflxgrd OCX error?

    Possible fixes for MSFLXGRD. OCX error.

    1. Reinstall the application that requires MSFLXGRD. OCX.
    2. Install all available Windows updates.
    3. Download and install MSFLXGRD. OCX.