The Best Way To Fix Raw Flash Drive Errors


Common Reasons for Using a USB RAW Drive. The causes of the problem are clear and are as follows: Your access to the USB drive is denied. Your USB stick is not formatted or formatted incorrectly. The current file system of your USB drive is not recognized by your computer’s operating system.



This article is about RAW flash drives and how to fix them. Here you can find out:

  • Situations when your USB stick becomes RAW.
  • Top Reasons USB is RAW
  • How to recover files on a USB drive using RAW
  • How to perform RAW recovery from USB drive in NTFS / FAT format.

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Quick Knowledge: Why Is Your USB Stick Getting RAW?

A USB RAW drive is a drive with an unknown file system that is not recognized by the operating system. For this reason, you cannot access your data. Such RAW USB flash drive can be caused by file system corruption, virus attack, misconnection, and many other factors.

• Recover unrecognized USB devices

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You can try TestDisk (free, cross-platformand open source) – it works on just about any disk on the system, whether it’s internal or external. You can use TestDisk to overwrite any partition tables found on the disk. You can even find damaged or missing partitions and then repair the partition table.

You can also use TestDisk to simply recover files without rebuilding the partition table (if you just want to format and start over). TestDisk can also overwrite / repair MBR or boot sector if it is also damaged. I have successfully copied files from damaged partitions / drives.

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