The Best Way To Fix This Problem Is To Insert A Floppy Disk Into XP Drive Error.


Sometimes your computer may give an error code saying that you need to insert the hard drive into the drive with an xp error. There can be many reasons for this error. Right click on the USB stick. Now click the “Change Drive Letter and Path” tab. Rename the drive letter to a letter that is not already on your computer. Then restart your computer and check if the “Insert disk into removable disk” error is gone.



On Windows operating systems, the “Please insert a storage medium into the drive” message is often displayed when a USB stick is inserted into the computer. This error can occur because a drive letter is automatically assigned when the USB stick is inserted, which sometimes conflicts with an existing network drive letter. We will show you the following procedure to solve this problem.

What Does The Message “Please Insert Floppy Disk Into Removable Disk” Mean?

With USB drives or other removable media, this is a common problem that usually occurs when the computer asks you to repair the drive. In this scenario, users cannot use the drive or access the data on it. When you check the properties, the USB drive may display 0 bytes or not display the media in Disk Management. The following factors can cause the “insert hard drive” error in Windows 10, 8, 7.

  • Virus and malware attack.

  • Drive letter conflict. If the volume name (drive letter) conflicts with another name already assigned to other hard drives, an error may occur.

  • The removable disk is damaged. Removing a removable disk without safely ejecting it will damage the disk and cause a known but unreachable issue.

  • Bad sectors. If the hard disk has bad sectors or physical damage, it can also prevent you from accessing the data and display an error message.

Ways To Fix “Please Insert Disk In Removable Disk” USB Drive Error

There are several different methods you can use to try to resolve the “Insert disk into removable storage” USB drive error. You can try these simple methods before you spend a dime to buy a tool to fix this problem and recover data. Just try the methods mentioned here first, you can easily solve the “Insert Hard Drive into USB Drive” problem and recover your lost data from USB drive.

Solution 1: Insert The Removable USB Key Before Starting Windows

Insert USB drive before Windows starts. Make sure the USB stick is not set as a priority boot device. Sometimes it was found that Windows was blocking something when connected via USB.

If this also happens to you, immediately remove the USB drive and reinsert it when Windows starts.

Solution 2: Change The Drive Letter

Use Disk Management to change the drive letter, so assign a new drive letter to avoid overwriting. The steps are as follows:

  • Press Windows Key R to open Run.
  • Now type “msc” and press Enter.
  • Now you can see the names of all drives. Select your USB stick here.
  • Right-click your USB drive, select Change Drive Letter and Paths, and assign a new name to your USB drive.

Now close the setting and check if you can use USB.

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