How To Troubleshoot NFS Write Errors To A Stale NFS File Descriptor On A Host


Deprecated file descriptors occur when a file or directory is left open by an NFS client and then deleted, renamed, or replaced. … Reopen files or restart processes. You can try to mount and build the filesystem yourself, or kill processes with open file descriptors.




NFS version 4, which is the default on Solaris 10, does not work correctly with ClearCase.

nfs write error on host stale nfs file handle

: Using NFS version 4 can also affect the performance of various ClearCase operations.

How To Solve This Problem?

a) The best solution is to remount the directory from the NFS client using the mount command:
# umount -f / mnt / local
# mount -t nfs nfsserver: / path / to / share / mnt / local

The first command (umount) will forcefully unmount the / mnt / local (NFS) hard disk partition.

(b) Or try to mount an NFS directory with the noac option. However, I do not recommend using the noac option due to performance issues, and checking files on the NFS filesystem referenced by file descriptors (such as the fcntl and ioctl function families) can give inconsistent results due to the lack of kernel consistency checking, even if noac is used.