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If you’re having a memory card error, this blog post will help you.

Q: Are you getting an error message “SD card not inserted” or “No memory card”? Answer: Check the physical connections of your device. Connect your SD card to your computer using an external card reader. If the card is recognized when connected to a computer using an external card reader, back up all data on the card and format the card.

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Corrective Action:

The digital camera uses a memory card to store the captured photos. Popular memory cards: SD card, CF card, xD-Picture card and USB storage. For any reason, memory cards may be damaged during a power failure, if the memory card is removed while shooting or viewing photos, or for other unknown reasons. Typically, error messages such as “memory card error”, “card locked”, “card error” or error code appear on the camera screen, and valuable images on the camera. the memory card may disappear and be lost. In some cases, your camera or Windows may ask you to reformat the memory card and refuse to take new or view old photos.


If you have damaged the memory card, it is strongly recommended that you stop any other operations on the memory card (for example, take new photos, delete or format the memory card). Data recovery software such as CardRecovery in bolIn most cases, it can recover lost images.

First, you need to confirm that your memory card can show up as a drive letter in My Computer so that the recovery program can access your lost photos and restore them. You can try connecting your digital camera to your computer. If you see a new drive letter under My Computer, that’s fine. Otherwise, you need to prepare a USB card reader. There are many card readers on the market (for example, SanDisk and Kingston). You can buy it from Amazon or BestBuy.

Then download and install CardRecovery on your computer. Launch it from Start menu -> Programs -> CardRecovery. You choose the drive letter of your memory card and the destination folder to save the recovered files. CardRecovery will scan your memory card and find images that can be recovered. The process is quick and easy. This usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Can I reuse a damaged memory card?

To protect your privacy, CardRecovery will perform read-only operations on your memory card and will not modify data on the memory card to prevent the memory card from being repaired or repaired. When you’ve recovered your lost photos from the card, you can try to format the memory card before using it again. It is recommended that you perform a sufficient number of read / write tests before using it again to take new photos. If you are concerned that the memory card is unstable and could cause further data loss, purchase and use a new memory card. Your precious and irreplaceable photos are more important than memory cards. The memory card is very inexpensive. A new 4GB SD, CF or xD card costs less than $ 10.

Tips for preventing memory card failure and damage
memory card card error

  • Do not remove the memory card while recording and viewing photos.

  • Do not remove the memory card when turning the camera on or off.
  • NotChange the memory card while the camera is on.
  • Stop taking / watching new photos when the battery is low.
  • Use memory cards from major brands such as SanDisk, Panasonic, Sony, Kingston, Lexar, Olympus and many others.
  • If several different memory cards from the camera are damaged, you should suspect that the problem is with your digital camera.
  • Memory cards have a limited lifespan. A typical flash memory card has about 10,000 write / erase operations. Therefore, it is best to discard memory cards that have been in widespread use for many years.
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    Part 1: Resolving Errors And Problems With Memory Cards Or SD Cards



    What does memory card error mean?

    A memory card error may occur when using a digital camera. Memory card errors affect the camera’s ability to write to the memory card for saving photos. This means that your camera is practically unusable. There are several ways to fix this error.

    How do you fix Canon camera when it says memory card error?

    Here are some ways to fix this Canon memory card error.

    1. Turn off the camera and remove the memory card. Wait and then bring it back.
    2. Make sure the memory card you are using is compatible with your Canon camera.
    3. If all else fails, format the memory card.

    Why does my micro SD card say its full?

    If the SD card is not full but the problem is caused by the wrong file system, you can try reformatting that SD card and restoring it to normal. You can do this through Windows Explorer, Disk Management, or a third-party SD card formatter. Be sure to connect the SD card to your computer before formatting.