How To Fix 2GB Inbox Recovery Tool PST File Failure?


If the 2GB Inbox Repair Tool PST file is not working on your computer, this guide will help you fix it.

If Scanpst.exe cannot repair your PST files, then you should turn to a professional PST file recovery tool. PST files up to 80GB in size can be easily recovered. It can even recover encrypted or password protected files easily. The recovered files can be saved in various formats such as PST, MSG, MBOX, DBX and EML.



Problems with Outlook PST files are expected when using MS Outlook. This limitation has increased in Outlook 2002 and earlier because these versions are in ANSI format. The ANSI format allows you to save PST or OST files up to 2 GB in size. If the user exceeds the benchmark, the PST files will become unavailable and the user will seek a recovery solution such as a boxed recovery tool. front desk or external utility.

What Is It For

If Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 (or later) cannot open your mailbox folders and reports that your inboxes or Outlook PST files may be corrupted, you should use the mailbox repair tool provided by Microsoft. This Tinny tool is installed by default when you install Microsoft Office 2000-2010.

Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Is Not Responding – Problems Found

1. Oversized Outlook Data File

Microsoft Outlook supports 2 GB files in versions prior to 2003. PST file size has increased compared to versionsand after 2003. However, Inbox Repair Tool does not support PST files larger than 2GB. Only PST files that are less than the specified 2 GB limit will be restored.

2. A badly damaged PST file

cannot be recovered.

Inbox Repair Tool is a free Microsoft Outlook utility that you can use to fix Outlook file corruption issues. However, when trying to scan and repair a seriously damaged PST file, it does not work. Damage issues in the bottom structure as well as the top pst structure cannot be fixed with the mailbox repair tool. It just displays the error that caused the repair to stop.

3. Could not find location of Scanpst.exe


The user does not know the exact location of scanpst.exe because it is partially hidden on drive C. As a result, the PST file error remains unresolved.

4. Spend more time repairing corrupted PST files

Inbox Repair Tool takes longer than usual to repair a damaged PST file. The PST file is scanned again and c ova.

Method 1 #

Solution To Fix Stuck Mailbox Repair Tool In Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

inbox repair tool failing 2gb pst file

If you know the exact reasons why Scanpst is not responding after clicking the “Repair” button, the below method can be easily implemented to fix the problem with the Inbox Repair Tool not working.

1. Reinstall Outlook or update the Inbox Repair Tool

Reinstalling Outlook is a quick solution to fix Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool not working. Updating the Inbox Repair Tool also makes sense depending on which version of Outlook is installed.

2. Create a new Outlook profile

If you create a new PST file and then copy the data from the old PST file to the new one, you can view the contents of the PST file again. This only works if you can open the corrupted PST file.

3. Make sure your Outlook PST file is less than 2GB

Reduce the size of Outlook data files so that Outlook stops respondingb. Following are the simple steps to compress PST file.

For Outlook 2007

1. Go to the “File” tab >> click “Info” >> “Info” >> select “Account Settings >>” Files tab

2. Select a folder with PST files

3. Click Settings >> General tab >> Compress Now

For versions 2010 and 2013

1. Right click on the private folder

2. Select Data File Properties> Advanced> Compress Now.

4. Location of Scanpst.exe in another version of Outlook

For Outlook 2007

C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office12

For Outlook 2010

C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office14

For Outlook 2013

C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office15

Click here to run the file from Outlook 2013

C: Program Files Microsoft Office 15 root office15

For Outlook 2016

C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office16

Click here to run the file from Outlook 2016

C: Program Files Microsoft Office root office16

Method2 #

Automatic Solution To Repair Corrupted Or Corrupted Outlook PST Files

If you have ever tried a manual solution to fix corruption issues in Outlook PST file. Then you have another quick second.It’s a perfect solution to fix Outlook PST error. Download Outlook Recovery Tool for free

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