Large Attachments Cannot Be Sent In Outlook


In this guide, we will learn about some of the possible reasons that might prevent sending large attachments in Outlook. Then I will suggest some possible fixes with which you can try to resolve this issue. You receive an error when you try to attach files that are larger than the maximum size allowed. … Outlook limits the size of files sent. This restriction prevents your computer from continually trying to download very large email attachments that exceed the limits set by most ISPs.



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    Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook for Office 365
  • cannot send large attachments in outlook

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    What Is The File Size For Outlook Attachments?

    Outlook email client sets a maximum limit of 20 MB for each email attachment for all versions. Regardless of whether you have attached one or more emails, they will not be delivered if they exceed the attachment limit.

    Method1. Use Outlook Auto Resize

    IfIf you are using attached image files, you can use the automatic feature of Microsoft Outlook.Resize function to reduce image size. To use the function, clickFile tab in the upper left cornerMessage window. The following screen will appear:

    You can automatically resize large fimage files in MS Outlook.

    Clickchange the Shift key to the left of the dimensionLarge images when sending this message for Outlook auto resizeYour image files.

    Note. Image files resize when clickedthe “Submit” button. So in the exampleabove, you still cannot add an additional file.

    ToGet an idea of ​​reducing the size of images. Here you can see the submitted imagesMessage:

    Outlook resized the images attached to this email.

    As you can see, even the largest 5MB file wasThe regional .jpg (6) file is now only 284 KB (0.277 MB).

    The auto resize function works only ifPhotos will be attached to your email and sent. When you integrated itThe images in your post cannot be resized using this method. Hence, you cannot send a large image file using this method. However, this can reduce the size fromimages you edit, making them more likely to be accepted by the recipient’s mail system.

    Method 2. Compressed Attachments For Combining And Compressing

    perspectiveAuto resizing is very useful, but doesn’t work for some typesFiles. Let’s say you have a large spreadsheet or other large document.You wanted to send an email. The resize function does not work. Video files are another type of filesOften you exceed the Outlook attachment limit, but the resize function cannot be used to resize.

    INThe solution for these types of large files is to compress them with a zip file before attaching them to Outlook email. A zip file can also combine multiple files into one.File.

    CreateThe zip file will automatically compress your files, but won’t be useful for files.The types are already compressed. For example, .jpg is a popular image format -already in a sufficiently compressed state. So compressing this type of file will not work.Reduce the size dramatically.

    WhenThe recipient receives the zip file, they just extractt files from the zip archive.File. Let’s start. In this example, I will show you how to send large files of this type through Outlook.

    Step 1. Create a zip file

    The first thing to do is compress your large files. Go to Windows Explorer and find the files you haveI want lightning. Use Ctrl Shift toSelect multiple files. Here is an example of the selected files:

    Select the files you want to compress in Explorer.

    In this example, I am using large video files. Note thattogether the selected files are slightly above the 20 MB limit. Right clickselected files to display the context menu:

    You can compress large files using the ZIP function in Windows.

    Gosend to> compressed (zipped)Folder. The system will automatically create a compressed file containing all of them.Files of your choice:

    The compressed zip file contains all the source files.

    Notethat the zip file size is smaller than the total size of the originalFiles. If you wish, you can now renamethis file

    step2. Attach the zip file to your Outlook email

    OnceOnce you’ve created the zip file, you can attach it to your Outlook email message.Follow the instructions for submitting the attachment that I described earlier. When you’re done, click the Submit button.

    step3. Extract the files from the
    zip file.

    OnceYour recipient received an email with a zip file attached, justyou need to extract the files. It’s easy when you know what to do. Here is the letterwith attached zip file:

    After creating the zip file, you can attach the compressed file to your Outlook email.

    How to access from a file in a zip file. If you received an email email from Outlook, click the down arrowto the right of the file. Select SaveOptional:

    First, save the compressed file to your computer.

    SaveZIP file in the folder on your computer where you want to save it. Following,Use Windows Explorer to browseGo to the folder where you saved the zip-fisle. Click on the file aroundchoose this. Then right-click to open the context menu:

    After saving the zip file, you can extract the files it contains.

    Select extractAll menu options.

    Select a folder to save the extracted files.

    Selectthe location of the extracted files and click the Extract button. The files will be extracted to the location of your choice.

    Method3. Download The File Via The Cloud

    youYou can also put a large file on cloud storage and then share it. DistributeCloud storage services include Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive.

    OneDriveis Microsoft cloud storage. It is integrated with Windows. If you have MicrosoftAccount, you can save up to 15 GB on your free OneDrive account. You can find OneDrivein Windows Explorer (notice the cloud icon):

    OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage…

    Step 1. Copy the files to OneDrive

    Let’s doLearn how to share large files with Microsoft OneDrive. for exampleI’ve already created several folders above, including one called Shared Files. Share filesThrough OneDrive, I open two instances of File Explorer on my PC. I click onSelect the files I want to share and then drag them to OneDrive.Folder:

    You can drag the selected files to the OneDrive folder.

    Step2. Get a link to publish

    OnceThe files are in the folder you want to share. Right click on the folder name toShow context menu. Choose moreOneDrive sharing options. The OneDrive window opens with the Share Shared Files dialog box:

    Paste the copied link into your Outlook email to share large video files.

    They willThere are several ways to share files in your folder, including viasocial networks. To share files via Microsoft Outlook, click the Copy button to copyAdd the link that appears.clipboard.

    step3. Add the link to your Outlook message

    OpenMicrosoft Outlook and compose a new message. Press Ctrl V to paste the link into the email:

    The recipient can click the link to access the shared files.

    WhenWhen you’re done, click the Submit send an email. When the message is received, the recipient can pressa link in an email to access large files you’ve shared.