How To Fix A Full Screen Blue Screen Of Death


Here are some simple steps to help you fix your full screen blue screen of death problem.

The biggest problem with a blue screen is that it’s literally a blue background with a sad face that doesn’t have enough information to explain the problem to you. Usually, you get the following message (not always): “Your computer has encountered a problem and requires a restart.”



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    Software Is Likely Causing The BSOD

    If, based on the troubleshooting results, you suspect that a particular program is likely causing the BSOD, try this troubleshooting method to resolve the following issues:

    1. Check for available program updates and install them. Most programs allow you to check for updates from a menu item. So browse until you find them.

      If you can’t or think it isdoes not work, you can try one of these dedicated software update tools instead .

    2. Reinstall the software . If the update doesn’t work or doesn’t work, just uninstall the program and reinstall the clean version.

    3. Contact the developer for support information. It is possible that this particular BSOD is a problem that the software manufacturer has already seen and has already documented a specific solution.

    4. Try a competing program. If there is simply no way to make this program work (and removing it has proven that this program is the cause of the BSOD), then using a different but similar program may be your only option.

    How To Fix The Blue Screen Of Death Bug

    On a typical blue screen with fatal errors, the full screen monitor turns into a blue terminal screen with the text “Your computer has a problem and needs to restart.” Windows will collect error information and restart It has the system for you.

    Most BSOD crashes only take a few seconds to restart. However, if you open unsaved files, this data will be lost forever.

    In the worst case, your computer will freeze in an infinite loop. Then you have to hold down the power button for a cold boot. Once you spot a BSOD error, it is important to fix it immediately. First, remove any external hardware such as USB devices, headphones, or printers.

    Go to “Advanced Startup” in the “Start” menu and click “Restart Now”.

    When the computer enters Advanced Boot Mode, click Troubleshoot.

    Go to Advanced Options. Resetting your PC should work as well, but first you need to back up all your files and programs. We do not recommend doing this. Go to Advanced Options.

    After clicking on “Advanced Options”, there are several steps to follow to make sure youthen the exact BSOD error has been fixed. None of the methods are time consuming.

    1. Registration Fixed With Boot Repair


    First of all, you need to eliminate the possibility of registry corruption, which usually occurs due to malware attacks in Startup Services. To fix the problem, go to “Start repair”

    – formerly called Automatic Repair.

    Here you will be asked to enter your user account, which you must select.

    Enter the system password to start Startup Repair.

    The system diagnoses your computer for problems with the registry. It takes only a few minutes.

    If there are no registry errors, you should see a message stating that Startup Repair was unable to restore your computer. Return to Advanced Options.



    What does it mean when your screen turns blue?

    Blue screens are usually caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or problems with a hardware driver software. A blue screen will appear when Windows detects a “Stop error”. This fatal error causes Windows to crash and stop working. At this point, Windows can only restart the computer.

    Does Blue Screen of Death fix itself?

    Blue Screen of Death (also known as BSOD) is a common error in the Windows operating system. It appears when a serious problem occurs in the Windows operating system that cannot be fixed right away. Thus, the Windows operating system will prompt you to restart your computer, work around the error, or fix it automatically.