How To Deal With Kodak Error 3508?


If you’re getting Kodak error 3508, today’s User’s Guide is here to help you.

The malfunction is caused by the cartridge being unable to contact the electrical points between the cartridge and the carriage head.



The Kodak printer displays an out of ink error message when it detects that a cartridge is low on ink. It does not print if an ink cartridge is detected. If you refilled a cartridge or want to clear the Kodak printer’s “Out of ink” message, you must reset the cartridge to continue printing. There are special ink cartridge reset devices that tell the Kodak printer that the cartridge is full even when it is empty.

Step 1

Open the cover of the Kodak printer. Remove the ink cartridges from the printer.

Step 2

Wipe the ink cartridges with a cotton swab and alcohol to remove ink marks on the metal connectors. Wait about a minute for the rubbing alcohol to dry on the cartridge.

Step 3

Insert the ink cartridge into the chip reset tool.

Step 4

Hold the button at the top of the chip reset for three seconds to reset the ink counter. A green light should indicate that the cartridge has been discarded.

Remove the chip reset cartridge and reinsert it To your Kodak printer. The printer should recognize the cartridge as full and print as normal.


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Kodak ESP contains an internal memory chip that gives you information about the status of your printer, including the amount of ink remaining in each cartridge. While ink levels shown in the printer’s built-in display service menu are generally correct, chip errors can occur that result in incorrect readings. You can reset the printer to display the correct ink level by turning the power off and then back off.

Step 1

Open the inner compartment to access the cartridges.

Step 2

Remove both cartridges from the printer.

Step 3

Turn off the printer, wait about five seconds, and then turn on the printer again. This will delete the previous read of cartridges from the device’s internal memory.

Step 4

Replace the inkcartridges, turn off the printer, and then restart it after five seconds.

Open the Maintenance menu on the printer’s built-in display and confirm the ink reading in the Check Ink Levels option.


error 3508 kodak

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How To Fix Comdlg Easy Runtime Error 339


In the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known issue with comdlg runtime error 339. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below. You need to repair a damaged file that interferes with the correct operation of the program. The error message still contains the file name that needs to be corrected, for example: Runtime Error 339: COMDLg32 Component. ocx is not registered correctly, or the file is missing.




Problem: how to fix runtime error 339

Hello. I need help. I was getting a runtime error multiple times. The warning reads: “Runtime Error 339: COMDLg32.ocx component not correctly registered or file is missing.” I tried to solve this problem but nothing worked. Can you help me solve the problem?

Answer solved

Runtime Error 339 is a common Windows operating system error that can also be defined as a missing file error if the OCX or DLL file required to run the application is missing or missing. saved on the PC. These files were lost when installing the application, but the pop-up window itself will appear if the system is not found when the program starts. Therefore, you need to repair the damaged file and restore the root directory of the problem.

This runtime error can occur for various reasons depending on the user and system. [1] However, this is often the result of corrupt or missing .ocx files. These are legal files that can be found on the Windows operating system.

On average, the system contains about 10,000 OCX files. [2] These files are important parts of the program that are needed to perform various functions or to maintain the stability of the program. If you see runtime error 339, some of these files are corrupted, deleted, or missing. In some cases, this error occurs due to problems with the DLL files of a particular program. For example, these files can be deleted or damaged. Moreover, the error can also be related to various Windows registry problems. Fortunately, it is usually not difficult to fix runtime error 339. You need to repair a corrupted file that is preventing the program from working properly.

The error message always contains the name of the file that needs to be restored, for example:

Runtime Error 339: The COMDLg32.ocx component was not registered correctly or the file is missing.

In this case, the problem is with the COMDLg32.ocx file. Sometimes this mistakeThe back is caused by an incorrectly installed program. As mentioned earlier, this warning message can appear while programs are running. Even if the installation of the application was successful, this error can still occur. If the program did not install correctly, uninstalling and reinstalling the program is usually sufficient to resolve runtime error 339.

Causes Of Runtime Error 339

  • Corrupted .OCX files.
  • The program is not installed correctly
  • The DLL files of the program may be damaged / damaged or deleted.
  • Malware / virus infection
  • Problem with Windows registry

How to fix runtime error 339

Missing or damaged .OCX file is the root cause

Runtime error 339

. On an average system, there are almost 10,000 ocx files, so it is difficult to tell which file is causing the problem. However, the good news is that if you get an error, you will see the name of the file that caused the error.

Example: Runtime Error 339 CompThe “MSMASK32.OCK” entry or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

At the very least, it will give you an idea of ​​which file is causing this error and you can only focus on that file. Here are some solutions to get rid of runtime error 339:

1) Reinstall the program: If you recently installed the program and it caused this error, uninstall and reinstall the program. The program can cause errors if it is not installed correctly.

You will receive a success message for DllRegisterServer in comdlg32.ocx. This means that you have successfully re-registered your .ocx file. (You can replace the above file name with whatever is causing the error.) Re-registering the TABCTL32.ocx, ssa3d30.ocx, COMCTL32.ocx, RICHTX32.ocx, and comct232.ocx files will resolve the issue. fixed for many users. p>
runtime error 339 comdlg

regsvr32 Windows System32 msflxgrd.ocx / u and press Enter.

After running the above command, enter the following command:

regsvr32 Windows System32 msflxgrd.ocx and press Enter.

Now exit the command line and check ifis there an error message.

(Note: Replace msflxgrd.ocx with whatever .ocx file name is causing you errors.)

In many cases, one of the best solutions to this problem is to simply download a new copy of the missing or damaged OCX file and replace it with the old one that is on your system.

This simple trick works really well. Just go to Google, enter the missing .ocx filename and upload it. I’m pretty sure following the steps above will definitely fix the runtime error 339 issue on Windows.

“/ img s. Error 339.PNG “> 2) Save the .ocx file again:

For example, if you receive a Runtime Error ‘339’ message from the COMDLg32.ocx component or one of its dependencies that were not correctly saved: the file is missing or invalid. “Then you need to re-register the COMDLg32.ocx file using the command line as follows:

  • Go to Command Prompt> Run as Administratorrator and enter the following command: regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx

3) Fix using command line:

If the error persists after trying the above methods, right click on command prompt and select n Run as administrator. Then try running the following commands one after the other from the command line:

Enter this command exactly:

Solution 1: Save The File Again

If the comdlg32.ocx file is missing or damaged on your computer, the best way to do this is to download the working file and register again from the command line. This is a simple sequence of steps, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully when working with system files. Find out below!

  1. Click this link to download the working comdlg32.ocx file to your computer. When you click on the link, the download starts immediately. Find the file on your computer, right-click it and select “Copy” from the context menu that appears.
< figcaption> Copy the file
  1. Then open the “Libraries” entry on the problem PC, or open any folder on the computer and click “This PC” in the left menu.
  2. Go to the following location on your computer to find the folder where you want to copy the file:
 C:  Windows  System32 >> Windows 32-bitC:  Windows  SysWOW64 >> Windows 64-bit 
  1. Right-click anywhere in the folder and choose Paste from the shortcut menu that appears. To do this, you may need to grant administrator rights. Confirm any requests to replace the current file.
InsertPut the file in the desired folder
  1. Search for “Command Prompt” by typing it directly into the Start menu or by pressing the search key next to it. Right-click the first entry that appears in the search and select the entry from the “Run as administrator” context menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Windows logo and R keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog box. Enter “cmd” in the dialog box that appears and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift Enter to prompt an administrator.


    How do I fix a runtime error?

    How to fix a runtime error
    1. Restart your computer. An old but good system reboot can often fix problems, and runtime errors are no exception.
    2. Close other applications.
    3. Run the application in safe mode.
    4. Update the program.
    5. Reinstall the app.
    6. Update your drivers.
    7. Check for malware.
    8. Make sure you have enough memory and storage space.

    How do I fix an OCX missing error?

    The best way to restore an application is to restore the application itself.

    caused ocx error during reinstallation.

    1. Find out which software is giving errors.
    2. Reinstall the software and install any available updates.
    3. Install all available Windows updates.
    4. Check if the OCX issue is resolved.

    How do I fix Msflxgrd OCX error?

    Possible fixes for MSFLXGRD. OCX error.

    1. Reinstall the application that requires MSFLXGRD. OCX.
    2. Install all available Windows updates.
    3. Download and install MSFLXGRD. OCX.





UPDATE: Restore Vista Control Panel


Hope if you have Vista Control Panel Recovery on your computer, this guide will help you more.

  1. Click Start | Control Panel | System and service. Then click System.
  2. In the left sidebar, click System Protection.
  3. Make sure the system drive and each user drive are checked in the box next to the drive letter.
  4. Then click OK and exit the Control Panel.



Have you ever wondered where is the display settings icon or the network connections folder in the classic control panel? Why can’t you find them using the start menu? Because they are not allowed to load into the registry – that’s why.

Look, no display settings!

To fix this intentional error, open regedit.exe from the Start Menu Search box and navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Control Panel won’t load

When you’re there, you’ll see a series of items in the right pane. Make a backup copy of this key using the export function and then delete it.

restore control panel vista

desktop.cpl is the display configuration wizard and ncpa.cpl is the network connections folder. I will remove these two. Now if you click Refresh in Control Panel (or open it again) the Control Panel items will be restored:

You can even find them now if you search the Start menu search box, which made me very happy.

Note that you can alsoDon’t hide the panel items with the same button if you like.

What Is System Restore?

System Restore is a Windows feature that allows you to restore your computer to a previous state. These restore points can be installed automatically or manually.

This guide describes the recovery feature for the following Windows versions:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • If you’re looking for a recovery drive for your computer, see Loading a recovery drive.

    Ways To Restore Windows Vista To Factory Settings

    Performing a factory restore on a Vista computer requires a little patience and the following steps. Some of these methods require the computer to run in Safe Mode. However, there are options to run System Restore from the Start menu.



    Where is Control Panel on Windows Vista?

    From the Windows desktop, click Start> Control Panel. If you are using the classic Start menu, click Start> Settings> Control Panel. Click System and Maintenance.

    How do I restore my Vista computer to factory settings?

    1. Reboot your computer.
    2. When the computer restarts, press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen.
    3. Click.
    4. Specify the desired language settings and click Next.
    5. Log in as a user with administrator rights and click OK.
    6. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

    Where do I find System Restore?

    1. Reboot your computer.
    2. When the computer restarts, press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen.
    3. Click.
    4. Specify the desired language settings and click Next.
    5. Log in as a user with administrator rights and click OK.
    6. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.





    How To Resolve Vob Error


    You may run into an error indicating vob error. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem. Therefore, we will do it shortly. On October 15, 2018, Alexander Sabundzhyan, CEO of Radionomy, announced that a new version of Winamp will be released in 2019 – Winamp 6.



    Protect yourself from fraud with technical support Learn more …


    Delete the VOBs from your hard drive and try copying them again.

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    Repair Steps Cannot Be Installed Directly X10


    If you receive an error message “Can’t install Direct X 10,” this article is for you.

    1. Install the previous version of DirectX.
    2. Reinstall the drivers for your video card.
    3. Reinstall one of the previous updates.
    4. Download Visual C Redistributables.
    5. Load the missing DLL files.
    6. Make sure you meet the recommended system requirements.
    7. Install DirectX from the command line.





    Milan Stanojevic

    Assistant Editor

    unable to install directX

    DirectX is an essential component of Windows 10 and is required for many multimedia applications. However, DirectX errors can sometimes appear on Windows 10, and today we are going to show you how to fix them.

    What Is DirectX?

    DirectX is a collection of programs and techniques needed to work with Windows 10 devices, handle multimedia video, and more. And if you are an avid 3D, gamer or designer, DirectX will become an essential part of your Windows 10 PC.

    And as I said, DirectX is a suite of software tools, so bugs and problems can occur. So keep calm and follow the fixes below to get rid of DirectX errors on Windows 10.

    Solution 1: Make Sure The System Requirements Are Met

    First, as you can imagine, not all computers can properly install DirectX Windows 10. You must meet the system requirements.

    If you can’t make sure your system is suitable for reinstalling DirectX, you’ll see why you can’t install DirectX for Windows 10.

    To install DirectX correctly, you must meet all of the following conditions:

    1. Your Windows system must be at least 32-bit Windows 7.

    2. The video card is compatible with your version of DirectX.

    3. The RAM and CPU are large enough.

    4. .NET Framework 4 is installed on your computer.

    To check these properties, all you have to do is right-click “This PC” and select “Properties.”

    Then all system properties are displayed.

    Only when all of these requirements are met can you reinstall DirectX Windows 10 without any problems. However, if DirectX Windows 10 cannot be installed on your computer, you may need to take additional steps. to fix DirectX error.

    Solution 2: Check Your DirectX Version On Windows 10

    Do I need to install DirectX on Windows 10? This is what is usually asked for. However, you may not know that Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12 preinstalled on your computer. If you want to uninstallDirectX for your PC and then reinstalling it, this failed on Windows 10.

    In such cases, you should run dxdiag to check your DirectX version and then try other reinstallation methods.

    1. Search for dxdiag in the search box and press Enter to access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    2. Then you can find the Windows 10 DirectX version on your computer in the System tab. Here DirectX 12.

    If you checked your version of DirectX and wanted to install it yourself but were unable to reinstall DirectX on Windows 10, the following methods may be helpful.

    Related Topics: DirectX Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 (Complete Instructions)

    Solution 3: Update Your Graphics Driver To Repair DirectX

    It is said that outdated or corrupted display drivers can prevent DirectX from installing on Windows 10. Since Windows 10 DirectX is tightly tied to multimedia applications, the graphics card is no exception.

    To get the latest graphics driver, such as an Intel graphics driver, you can take full advantage of Device Manager, a tool fromcontrolling device drivers built into Windows systems. If you cannot install DirectX Windows 7, you can also use this tool.

    1. Open Device Manager.

    2. In Device Manager, locate and expand “Graphics Cards” and right-click the graphics card driver to update the driver.

    3. Then select “Automatically check for updated drivers.”

    Here you can see that this is Intel HD Graphics 520.

    Windows Device Manager searches the Internet for the current display driver and automatically installs it on Windows 10.

    With the newly installed graphics card driver, you can also reinstall DirectX for Windows 10 to see if you end up in the DirectX Redistributable Package to reinstall Windows 10 this time

    Solution 4: Download The Visual C Redistributable

    As you know, the Visual C Redistributable is an essential component of Windows 10 DirectX. Therefore, if reinstalling DirectX fails, it is recommended that you reinstall the Visual C Redistributable For Windows 10.

    1. Go to the Microsoft website to download the Visual C Redistributable Package.

    2. Select the desired download.

    For 64-bit Windows, click here to get vc.redist.x64.exe. For 32-bit Windows 10, select vc.redist.x86.exe.

    cant install direct x 10

    Then choose a location for the downloaded package.

    Then you can try reinstalling DirectX for Windows 10 to see if it works. Here’s another easy way: automatically download and install the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package.

    Solution 5: Reinstall .NET Framework 4 To Fix DirectX That Won’t Install Windows 10.

    To fix DirectX not installing the error, you should try to install another important piece of DirectX for your PC, namely NET Framework 4.

    This could also be one of the reasons Windows 10 was unable to properly reinstall DirectX.

    You can install .NET Framework 4 from the command line.

    1. Go to a command prompt and right-click the output to run it as administrator.

    2. On the command line, copy and paste the following The next command and press Enter to run it.

    DISM / Online / Enable-Feature / FeatureName: NetFx3 / All / LimitAccess / Source: D: sourcessxs

    If you installed NET Framework 4 on Windows 10 after running the above command, the DirectX install error will also go away and you can install it on Windows 10 if you want

    In general, DirectX 9, 12, 13 are required on Windows 10. However, if you cannot install DirectX, you should go to these solutions and try them one by one until DirectX is installed – fixed.

    More articles:

    Unknown DirectX error in League of Legends



    How do I install DirectX?

    How do I reinstall DirectX on Windows 10?

    Enter dxdiag in the search box and click that application in the list.

    1. After a moment, a pop-up window will appear showing the version of DirectX installed in the System tab.
    2. After that, you can install it and restart your computer to check if DirectX errors are fixed or not.

    Can you install DirectX 11 on Windows 10?

    Enter dxdiag in the search box and click that application in the list.

    1. After a moment, a pop-up window will appear showing the version of DirectX installed in the System tab.
    2. After that, you can install it and restart your computer to check if DirectX errors are fixed or not.





    How To Fix VBA Code Error Index Out Of Range Problems


    If your computer has a VBA code error index out of range, this guide will help you fix it. An out of range index error occurs when you try to reference the index of an invalid collection. Most likely, it is not actually in the Windows index. xls. The window index must match the workbook name displayed in the Excel title bar.



  • 2 minutes to read.
  • array elements and collection members are available only in their specific ranges. This error has the following causes and solutions:

    • You specified a non-existent array element. The index may be greater or less than the range of possible indices, or the array may not have dimensions currently assigned in the application. Check the declaration of an array to check the upper and lower bounds. Use the UBound and LBound functions to conditionally access the array when working with arrays containing If index specified as variable , check the spelling of the variable name.

  • You have declared an array, but you have not specified the number of elements. For example, the following code throws this error:

    vba code error subscript out of range

      Dim MyArray () as integer  MyArray (8) = 234 'Throws error 9. 

    Visual Basic does not implicitly specify the size of undefined ranges of an array from 0 to 10. Instead, you must use Dim or ReDim to explicitly specify whichThe number of elements in the array.

  • You mentioned a non-existent collection member. Try using the For Each … Next construct instead of specifying the index items.

  • You used a short form index that implicitly specifies an invalid element. For example, if you have! Collection operator! Implicitly specifies a key. For example an object! Key name. The value corresponds to the object. element (key name). Value. In this case, an error will be generated if the key name represents an invalid key in the collection. Use a valid collection key name or index to resolve the issue.

  • For more information, select an item and press F1 (Windows) or HELP (Macintosh).

    What Is Out Of Range Index Error In Excel VBA?

    For example, if you access a sheet that does not contain a workbook, you will receive a runtime error 9: “Index out of range.”


    If you click the “Exit” button, the subroutine will end. Click Debug to navigateGo to the line of code where the error occurred and Help will take you to a page on the Microsoft website.

    Solution 1: Check The Tables

    You may have set the wrong value for an array element. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the value set for the array element and make sure it is correct. Also be sure to check the table declaration and the upper and lower limits. If the tables have been resized, be sure to use the LBound and UBound functions to handle access. Check the spelling of the variable name if the index is a variable.

    Array in VBA Excel

    Solution 2: Specify The Number Of Items

    In some cases, you might not have set the number of elements in your code causing the error. It is recommended to specify the number of elements in an array using the Dim or ReDim functions.

    Use Dim and ReDim to define the number of items

    Solved e 3: Change The Design

    This error often occurs when the user specifies an invalid or nonexistent collection member. Therefore, instead of specifying index items, it is recommended that you use the “Everyone” construct.

    Use For each … Another construct

    Solution 4. Check The Name And L ‘key Pointer

    In some cases, it is possible that you have used the abbreviated form of the index and that you have specified an invalid element. Therefore, we recommend that you use a valid key name and index for the collection.

    Please use a valid key name
    • Missing element. In some cases, you may have referenced an element in a non-existent order. The index may be greater or less than the range of possible indices, or the array may not have any dimensions assigned to the array at this point in the application.
    • UndefinedN elements: you may not have defined the number of elements in your code. It is important that the number of elements in the array is determined using the “Dim” or “ReDim” commands.
    • Invalid collection member: In some cases, the user may have referenced a collection item that does not exist. This error can occur if a member of the collection is incorrectly referenced.
    • Label: You may have used a shorthand index and implicitly specified an invalid item. It is important to use a valid key name.



    How do you fix a run time error 9 subscript out of range?

    Button for debugging error messages. Sometimes, when you try to run a macro, you receive an error message such as: For example, the “Run-time error ‘9’” “Index out of range” error shown below. This error message contains 3 buttons: Finish, Debug, and Help. To stop the macro, click the End button.





    Solving The Mixing Problem


    Here are some simple techniques you can use to resolve your merge troubleshooting problem.

    1. Disconnect iPod shuffle from the charger and computer.
    2. Use the power button to turn off iPod shuffle. If you see green on the switch, your device is turned on. (Can’t find the power button?)
    3. Wait ten seconds. Then turn iPod shuffle back on.



    If iPod shuffle doesn’t respond to button presses, you can force restart the device.

    Force Restart IPod Shuffle

    1. Disconnect iPod shuffle from the charger and computer.
    2. Use the power button to turn off iPod shuffle. If you see green on the switch, your device is turned on. (Can’t find the power button?)
    3. Wait ten seconds. Then turn iPod shuffle back on.

    Learn how to charge iPod shuffle.

    Find The Power Switch On Your Model

    shuffle troubleshooting

    Learn More

    • Learn how to erase and reset your iPod.
    • Learn more about iPod shuffle.
    • Learn more about forced restart options for other iPod models.
    • Contact Apple Support.

    Release Date: Â

    If iPod shuffle doesn’t respond to button presses, you can force restart the device.

    Release Date: Â

    What If Resetting Random Play Does Not Work?

    In most cases, you need to restart the above steps again and you’re done. But if shuffle doesn’t work after restart:

    If none of these steps helped, contact Apple for help . Since the Shuffle has fewer buttons and no screen than other iPods, troubleshooting options are limited. Apple beambest suited for more complex tasks.

    If you have a different shuffle from the latest model, consider buying a new one. Repairs may cost as much as current model .

    To learn more about Shuffle, download your version manual for free from Apple .

    The instructions in this article apply to all versions of iPod Shuffle.

    Thank you for letting us know!

    Some IPod Issues Can Be Solved With Our Troubleshooting Steps

    The iPod can get all sorts of problems and you stop listening to music whenever you want. Most of these common problems can be easily resolved by following the troubleshooting steps in this guide.

    The following tips will help resolve most iPod warnings.

    The following instructions might be helpful, for example, for your iPod:

    • Won’t turn on or start
    • Hangs on the Apple logo.
    • Hangs or no longer responds
    • Displays a disgruntled iPod icon.
    • Indicates A folder with an exclamation mark.
    • Doesn’t sync music from your computer.

    Before performing the following troubleshooting steps for your iPod, you must determine which iPod model you have. You need to know this in order to follow the proper instructions.



    Why is my iPod shuffle not working?

    Resetting iPod Shuffle

    Resetting iPod Shuffle fixes minor issues that prevent the device from responding. Disconnect the device from the computer and flip the switch to the OFF position. – it is off if you do not see green in the switch area. Wait 10 seconds and slide the switch to turn the device back on.

    How do you reset an iPod shuffle without iTunes?

    A non-shuffle iPod can be reset by flipping the Hold switch and then pressing the Menu and Select buttons (center) at the same time for at least 6 seconds. However, this does not apply to random play, which is “cleared” by turning it off for 5 seconds and then on.

    Why is my iPod shuffle not playing music?

    A non-shuffle iPod can be reset by flipping the Hold switch and then pressing the Menu and Select buttons (center) at the same time for at least 6 seconds. However, this does not apply to random play, which is “cleared” by turning it off for 5 seconds and then on.





    UPDATE: Chkdsk / F Parameter Is Not Valid


    Sometimes your system may display an error stating that the chkdsk / f parameter is invalid. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

    Filtered. DOS / Windows error message indicating that DOS does not understand the command line. This indicates that the switch is not being used correctly. When entering path names, you must use a backslash (\), not a forward slash (/).



    Protect yourself from fraud with technical support Learn more …

    However, every time I type chkdsk / p, I get an invalid parameter – / p

    This is because the / P parameter is not valid for chkdsk. Are you typing chkdsk /? at the command line to display valid switches.

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    chkdsk /f parameter is invalid

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    Various Ways To Fix Kernel And System 100 CPU


    If your system does not have a kernel and a 100 CPU system, hopefully this user guide can help you fix this problem.

    Ntoskrnl.exe (short for Windows NT Operating System Kernel), also known as a kernel image, is a system application file that provides kernel and runtime levels for the Windows kernel region. NT and is responsible for various system services such as hardware virtualization and process and memory management, so



    nt kernel and system using 100 cpu

    I recently ran into a strange issue where a process called System (NT Kernel

    How To Fix Automatic Posting Errors


    This guide outlines some of the possible causes that you can use to troubleshoot auto-connect issues, and then presents some fixes that you can try to resolve.

    Check grounding with an ohmmeter. If the ground is good, the fault is inside the component. If there is no voltage in the hot lead to the component, the problem is in the wiring. Go back through the fuse box (or relay, or circuit breaker) until you find voltage.



    Electrical troubleshooting can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few simple rules: every circuit needs a power source; Most electrical devices require a minimum voltage to function properly. and all chains require continuity. As a result, most electrical problems are caused by low voltage (or no voltage), excessive resistance, or loss of continuity.


    Safety is always an important aspect when working with electrical systems in vehicles. Except for the high voltage side of the ignition and battery system and HV high voltage circuits, there is NO risk of electric shock. Twelve volts (12V DC) is not enough to make you feel. There is a risk of unintentional short circuiting in a hot circuit and damage to wiring, PCM or other on-board electronics, or fire.

    ATTENTION! If your car is Is a HV battery hybrid, there is a risk of electric shock from direct contact with the HV battery, cables, or other HV components. For more information on this topic, see Hybrid Security Threats

    WARNING: When performing electrical repairs or replacing electrical or electronic components, the battery should ALWAYS be disconnected to reduce the risk of accidental short circuiting. Disconnecting the battery causes most PCMs to forget their learned settings. This may cause driving problems or require special “retraining” with a scan tool. To avoid this type of hassle, use a 9V “splash” plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter to maintain battery voltage, or connect a 9V alkaline battery to the PCM – Power On.

    For additional safety information, see Battery Safety.


    All circuits require voltage for the operation of components connected to this circuit. So if there is no tension, there is no function. Thus, the first task when troubleshooting electrical faults is to check for voltage at the load point in the circuit.

    The load point is the element that the circuit must supply with energy, such as B. a light bulb, wiper motor, blower motor, idle stop magnet, etc. And all you need to quickly check is a 12 volt voltmeter or test lamp that comes on when the voltage is turned on. A voltmeter is the best tool for this because it will give you accurate readings, but the test light is good for making quick voltage checks.

    Using a test light is a quick way to check voltage.However, a voltmeter is more accurate.

    Suppose you cannot find the voltage at the load point. Yep, you found the first indication of the problem. Check the fuse, fuse or circuit breaker protecting the circuit or the power relay supplying the circuit.

    If passedThe problem is a blown fuse, replacing the fuse may temporarily restore power. However, unless the root cause of the overload is found and corrected, your “fix” is unlikely to last long. Whatever you do, do not replace a larger fuse. A larger fuse can potentially handle a larger load, but not the wiring and the rest of the circuit. The circuit for a 20 amp fuse is rated for a maximum of 20 amps. Period.

    A defective circuit breaker or open relay acts in the same way as a blown fuse. Circuit breakers are often used to protect circuits that may experience short-term overload phases, for example. B. with air conditioning compressor clutch.

    The easiest way to test a circuit breaker is to disconnect it with a jumper. Your patch lead must have a replaceable built-in fuse to protect the circuit from damage. Use a fuse that does not exceed the rating of the circuit itself. If you don’t know, useUse a 5 or 10 amp fuse for your safety. If the circuit works when you bypass the circuit breaker, you have isolated the problem. Replace circuit breaker.

    The relay in question can also be tested using the same basic test. A relay is nothing more than a remote switch that uses an electromagnet to close a series of contact points. When the relay magnet is energized, the points are closed and the battery voltage is passed through the main circuit. Relays are often used in circuits to reduce the amount of wiring required and reduce the current flowing through the main control switch. Thus, a switch, timer, or sensor with relatively low amperage (do it inexpensively) can be used to turn on and off relays with much higher wattage.


    Each electrical device requires a certain voltage to operate. The lamp glows with reduced brightness when the voltage drops. However, some components have a threshold voltage below which they do not work at all. The starter motor can start the engine more slowly at low voltage, but if the battery voltage is too low, it will not be able to start at all. The minimum threshold voltage is especially important for components such as solenoids (which require some tension to overcome the spring resistance), relays, timers, buzzers, horns, injectors (which are also solenoids). and most electronic devices (ignition module). Computer and radio).

    If you test the charging point for full battery voltage, you can determine if the voltage is sufficient. You will need a voltmeter for this. The battery itself must be at least 70% charged and indicate 12.43 V or more (12.66 V fully charged). If the battery is discharged, it should be charged and checked. The charging system should also be checked and it should be about 1.5-2.0 V higher than the base voltage of the battery (about 14 to 14-1 / 2 V). If the battery is good, your willThe meter should indicate a voltage within 1 V of the battery voltage at the load point of the circuit in that circuit.

    Low voltage in a circuit is usually caused by excessive resistance at any point in the wiring. This usually means a loose or corroded plug, a faulty switch or relay, or poor grounding. To find the point of high resistance, use a voltmeter to perform a “voltage drop test” at various points in the circuit. If the voltmeter shows a voltage drop of more than 0.4 V across the outlet, switch, or ground pin, it is a malfunction. Ideally, the voltage drop should not exceed 0.1 volts.

    If more than one circuit is low, perform a voltage drop test at the battery terminals and at the engine / body ground straps. Loose or corroded battery cables and ground straps are a common cause of voltage problems. Clean and tighten battery cables and / or grounding tapes as necessary.

    Sometimes too little wiring can lead to the bottomto whom stress. This is not something you find in many OE wiring circles, but it is a common mistake made when installing accessories in the aftermarket with your own hands. The higher the load current in the circuit, the higher the measured value required for wiring.

    Sizes Of Cables And Loads In Amperes

    The following list shows the recommended wire sizes for various amplifier loads:

    NOTE. These values ​​refer to copper wire at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C (140 ° F).

    wire size

    Capacity in amperes












    troubleshooting auto wiring problems











    Each circuit requires a complete circuit to work. The voltage across the load is useless if the battery is also not fully grounded. Bodenweg met everyone



    What causes electrical problems in cars?

    7 major problems with car electrics
    • The battery is flat. A dead battery is the most common and obvious electrical problem.
  • The battery is not charging. However, the battery that is no longer charged should be replaced.
  • Bad generator.
  • Starter or fatigue magnet.
  • Bad battery cable.
  • Blown electrical fuses.
  • The spark plugs are out of order.
  • How long does it take to fix electrical problems in a car?

    How much does it cost to fix electrical issues in a car?

    The cost of repairing the electrical system of the car

    Auto repair Average cost
    Replace Battery Cables $ 125-400
    Replace generator 290 $ – 680 $
    Replace fuse 110 $ – 140 $
    Replace starter 290 $ – 995 $
    April 23, 2019